Is it possible to show one element in a model as just outlines while the other elements show as solid fills?

I’m creating a simple model with some text on a background and a graphic element (a trombone).
I’d like to have the trombone show up as only outlines, kind of like a blueprint, while the text and background are solid. Is there a way to alter the fill and edge styles of just one element in a model? If there is, I can’t find it!

You could apply a totally transparent material to the faces of the object you want to show in wireframe.

How are you going to output the result? Might make sense to do it in LayOut with stacked viewports showing different tags and using different styles. If you share the .skp file so we can see what you are trying to accomplish it would be easier to give you suggestions.

A sketchup version.

Blue was too dark

Thanks. I’ll try the transparent material first. Honestly this is just a little quick deign for my daughter that will probably just end up as a PDF in her email. Also, I’m pretty new at this and I don’t even know how to share files yet! :smile: Don’t worry though, I’m sure I’ll be back on this forum enough to get VERY proficient…what a great and APPRECIATED resource!

I haven’t finished the slide or figured out fonts, etc. but also, is there a way to make the edge lines white once I fill the trombone with transparent?

Go to the style setting and change the edge style to By Material, then paint them white.
GIF 14-03-2022 1-08-58 AM

So, I’m Definitely getting somewhere! Not sure if I dig the result, but the advice is Amazing. THANKS!

Well you got the last of me before sleep, but Dave and others will be around as it’s there timezone now.

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