Is it possible to push/pull a profile?

Hi everybody.

I just seen a .gif in which @mihai.s seems to push/pull a profile (not sure if this is the word) instead of a face to draw some windows.

I know you can do this with vertex tools for example but he seems to be using the standard push/pull tool, so I’m a little confused, can someone make my doubt clear?

Thanks in advance.

Follow me tool is the way to accomplish the task

its the followme tool but i didnt select the path all at once.

Guys, did you see the .gif?

That’s the push/pull tool, I’m not talking about standard windows.


I mean … I’m asking how he did that because it seems push/pull but is being using over a segment

I didn’t use the push pull tool.

I started to watch it. I couldn’t finish it. It looks like he was working a whole lot harder than he needed to.

Yeah, probably, but this looks weird to me, so I was wondering if it was a 2018 feature.

Again using push/pull (the icon looks like) over an arc, not a surface.


The native Push/Pull doesn’t work on edges and that isn’t the native Push/Pull tool’s cursor icon.

It appears to be adebeo_pushline which is available in the Extension Warehouse.

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Thank you, I only wanted to know if I was missing some interesting feature from the native tools, knowing it’s not the native tool is all I need.