Is it possible to identify certain CEdge or CFace?

Hi everybody.

I decided to open a new topic because I didn’t want to mix up my question with the one asked by the author of this thread: Bug splat Validity Check

The doubt that came to my mind was, would it be possible to identify a CEdge or CFace through the Ruby Console?

Thank you.

Hm… If you Undo after a validity check you might be able to look up by the ID’s seen in the message:

(I have not tried this though.)

What are you looking to do with this?

Thank you @tt_su

I was trying to identify where the problems related to CEdge and CFace that SU mentions are placed.
I thank your help, but it seems to requiere a little bit of ruby at first at least.

How exactly do I need to do this.
Don’t have a lot of knowledge of ruby.

And @tt_su it’s because I have a issue with the vadality check, keep getting a message that those Cedge and Cface need to be fixed.


Can you upload the .skp?

I already did :slight_smile:

You can isolate the problem also by simply cutting and run the check with each cut…

Ei see :slight_smile: Did you use the Cad file as reference or did you copy the edges?
The precision of your units in the Model Info was not set high, and the snap was enabled, meaning this could cause some errors while tracing the CAD

In the 170928_MODEL file I did use the CAD as a reference as well as a start. There are some 3d buildings in the original CAD drawing that we used.

Okay, that’s something to take note off for the next time when I import a CAD.

We did copy the modeled elements to a new drawing. But not one at a time. To check the drawing after paste one by one I can probably start over in the same time :thinking:

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