SketchUp Validity Check. Issues with Component - How do I find specific Component?

Hello All,

I’m working in a model and I’m running into the whole “Something’s wrong with your model” window when I save. Normally SketchUp fixes it without any issues. But now that I’ve imported this specific component, and copied it a bunch, SketchUp is flashing this validity check error.

Is there a way to use the Entity Info window or some other method for finding the “entity” it lists out? Thanks,


Alas, I think not. The messages in the validity check come from deep in the compiled core of SketchUp. They are notorious for using terms and referring to objects in ways that make sense only to someone with access to the source code - and even then it is often too late for a user to do anything. For example, the message you posted says some object lost its ID so the SketchUp engine deleted it. It’s already gone!

One possibility is that a component has a recursive definition (it contains a component with the same name as the parent). This can happen if you (or the author of a file you are importing) has created a component and saved the file containing it with the same name as the component inside it and you then import it into a new file.

I have never seen the validity check find a problem SktchUp can’t fix of its own :open_mouth: . Maybe the developers would be interested in this.

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