Is it possible to have Tyson's shortcut preference setting? like in this new video

the latest video where Tyson and Arron drawing pumbkin.

I’m really interested how Tyson’s shortcut. Like how he assign Push shortcut to some shortcut that I can’t be able to figure out instead of P. He really have his hand mostly in one place instead of pressing P.


I have no idea what key Tyson has assigned, but you can use whatever you want by assigning it to Tools/Push/Pull in the SketchUp Preferences/Shortcuts.

It is always possible! Probably best to ask @TysonK REALLY nicely… it is a pretty closely guarded secret, after all.


Haha, a very closely guarded secret, but, since we are all friends here…

I really don’t have a magic setup, just a really habit enforced one, it’s funny, these come naturally when I’m drawing in SU, but I have to think about it to actually write these out.

(You are observant that my most used keys sit on the left side of the keyboard, so I’m not moving my hand around that much. Also, since I frequently use a Wacom tablet, navigation keys are essential… So nav + rectangle + PushPull are all together on the bottom row… so, starting from the bottom row)

Z,X,C,V,B,N,M - Zoom, Pan, Rectangle, Orbit, PushPull, Paint, Move
A,S,D,F,G,H,J,L - 2pt Arc, Scale, Dims, Offset, Group, Hide, Follow-Me, Line
Q,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O,P - Protractor, Eraser, Rotate, Tape M, Polygon, Explode, Circle, Shadows, Perspective toggle

Shift+G = Make component

I map some extensions, usually with Shift or Alt +… but also forget them

I have a few mapped to Shift+ that are particular useful when editing components. I map these to Shift, so I can invoke inference lock with Shift, and while holding Shift/lock down, I can toggle between these options while locked.

Shift + 1,2,3,4,5. - Hidden lines, Hide similar Comps, Hide rest of Model, Close Component, Toggle X-Ray

So, probably confusing, but, hope it’s what you are asking. I think Aaron mostly uses the defaults, and cruises along like a speed demon, so, whatever you prefer.


Thanks alot @TysonK and @TheOnlyAaron for provide me the shortcut. It’s really useful.

Also, I really like the community atmostphere and you guys videos. I never account an online community that are so friendly and helpful like this before. :smiley:

I had followed your video to create a pumbkin. I really look forward for new video like this,

Thanks again!