Is it possible to glue components with reference to a flat version of it?

Hi all, as the topic suggest, I want to know if it’s possible to glue components with reference to a flat version of it. As you can see below, this is a flat version of the model.

I made a copy of one of the objects and made it a component with the ‘Glue to’ option set to ‘Any’. However, I could not get it to reference the flat model when placing it on the topography and this was the best I could do.

Therefore, I was wondering if it’s possible to align the ‘glue to’ component with the flat model and ultimately, glue the flat model to the topography. Here is my file with one portion of the model that I tried to glue.

Click your component in the tray and place it on the surface that is in the orientation you require, in this case the flat model. Once placed you can move it to the terrain and it will keep its orientation.

Your terrain with hidden edges not shown has a surface made up op multiple facets.
You can see them with ‘Hidden Geometry’ on.

Both the 3D and its 2D version will be different components with their own definitions.
You can most certainly glue one to the other.
Gluing them as one to the terrain is a different matter. It’s possible but they will be glued to the plane of just one facet of the terrain surface (to its slanted plane!) See the triangle marked with the pink curve in the image above.

To glue the set of components properly (vertical) you’ll need to temporarily borrow the facet’s axes as gluing plane axes.
Could you elaborate on what exactly it is what you wish to accomplish?

Basically the process I have in mind is that it will work like DropGC, but when an object drops onto a terrain, it will glue onto the terrain making it sit on it.

Going back to the example I showed earlier, it would ideally look like this.

Note that the flat version of the component (the one at the top) aligns with its copy that is sitting on the terrain (the one at the bottom). For anyone wondering what the horizontal lines means, I drew it just to show that both component are aligned.

I don’t really understand what you are wanting to do, but there is always Smart Drop found at Sketchucation.
Smart Drop

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I guess you meant to say vertical lines.

So the lower (slanted) component is a deformed instance of the upper one due to the sloped terrain? Thatś not exactly what ‘Smart Drop’ will do. It will rotate the dropped instance according to the local terrain slope angle, not what you showed.

And still, you haven’t explained why they need to be glued, what you are after? There may be better options once we know.

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You could do like this:

But have you thought about what you will do with the platform with chairs and the structure above?