Align skylight with roof

I have a model with a similar situation, and I kind of solved this issue but with too many steps and I know there is a better and easier way of doing it.
I need to place the skylight on the roof aligned with the guidelines. How do I do it (the smart way :blush:) See attachment.
Thank you!!!
Skylight.skp (80.0 KB)

You could make the component a ‘glue to’ component. Here I have made it Glue to Any and have set the axes appropriately in the top left corner.
Glue to


Thank you Box. Great idea!!!
I guess I have to explode the original component or group and make a component “glue to”.

No, edit the the component in the component browser to set the glue to, then right click the original and ‘Change Axes’ then bring in a new version.

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Here you go, like this.

I tried to do it as I said and it didn’t work, then I followed your second message, and it works great.
If I make a new component glue to any, I guess it would work too, or do I have to edit it after I made it?
Anyway, I’ll try it.
Thanks a lot Box!!

You shouldn’t have to edit afterwards, but you can if for some reason it is wrong.

By the way, as it is a skylight, you may want to set the cutting option as well, so that it cuts a hole in your roof. But for that to work you need to place it on the raw geometry of the face of the roof, not the closed component. And it will only cut through one face, so doesn’t work with thickness.

I am trying different options. I make the component “glue to slope”, and it works too as it is on a sloped roof, but when I made a component “glue to any”, and instead of taking it from the Components tray, I move the made component to place it on the roof, it doesn’t work (?).
I love SketchUp and I like to understand it.

A glue to component is Glued to the plane you first place it on, so moving one or copying one can be tricky and not do what you expect. So you should bring a new one in for new planes.
You can do arrays and such but you need to be aware of the gluing, you can also right click and choose unglue if you want to move one somewhere else.

Thank you for your great help Box!!!