How to I install a skylight component on a sloped roof?

I am having a difficult time adding a skylight component to a sloped roof. It automatically lands on the roof at the correct slope, although the origin of the Velux component is not actually on the component itself, so the skylight sits about 1/8" above the surface of the roof. I am unable to move the component down so that the proper part of the frame is sitting on the roof. I thought I would trace the base of the skylight and create a hole in the roof first, but I am actually not sure of exact placement yet, so I do not want to create a hole yet. Is there an easy way to do this?

Change the axes so it sits where you want it. Right click on the component and choose Change Axes.

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But when I reset axes, won’t they go back to the very beginning (somewhere in the middle of the geo-located site image.)? I’ll then have to reset them to the corner of the building?

Dave is referring to changing the Axes of the skylite component.

Sounds like the component is set to glue to any surface. If so the gluing property is applied at the component axis, you will not be able to move it up or down, it’s glued to the surface at that height. Selecting the component and right clicking to change the component axis, as suggested will fix this. Set the axis of the skylight to be where you want the roof plane to sit.

Here is an example of changing the axes on a glue to component that isn’t sitting on the roof or oriented correctly.
Change glue to