Is it possible to create a surface between 2 circles of different size offset?

Is it possible to create a surface between 2 circles of different size and offset the image shows them at a compound angle to each other?

If you mean a truncated or asymmetrical cone, yes. Easiest is to push-pull the first circle and then scale and/or move the other end to match the second circle.

this probably better illustrates the problem, im have the circles at 2 different diameter and offset also, but i need a surface between them

Attach the model so we don’t have to guess.
One possibility.
Offset Cylinder

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here is a cut down version (as the project im working on has disclosure) the purpose s for bringing down the polygons to be used for an acoustic analysis tool which plays up if there are
excess surfaces, so the idea is to trace over the green layer with a reduced polycount version
-HRA1818ZL-tempfortest.skp (3.0 MB)

There are ways to automate the process, Fredo’s Curviloft for example, but basically you can stitch the edges together.

Apart from that you are using Tags incorrectly and you should purge a model after deleting to remove the things you have deleted.

i cannot seem to be able to do what your doing it was one of the first things i tried, mine does not create a face after drawing each line.
im not sure i understand what you mean by tags incorrectly, what is the correct mannor?

Turn off xray mode and the faces may appear for you.
It looks like you have imported the model from some other software, so the raw geometry is Tagged, only groups and components should be tagged. But it may not be relevant for what you are trying to do.

Your circles may not be aligned as Box’s were, so they won’t produce a quad face (a flat four-sided face).

  1. Do they have the same number of segments?

  2. Are their cardinal points oriented in the same direction? That is, did you start the circles in the same direction, along an axis and not just at random?

If not, you’ll have to stitch triangles, and not expect flat four sided faces to form. Or redraw your circles.

I used his model.

Then my suggestion isn’t right, or useful - I’m on my phone so can’t access SU at the moment.

the circles are different sizes and at compound angle, i dont know enough to recreate what is on the green layer, when i do what @Box demonstrates the lines between circles dont line up so the surface (or what should be) look twisted, also @Box i have looked for that curviloft and nothing comes up in the warehouse??

Sketchup only forms faces when the vertices are coplannar. If the four corners are not then you need to form two triangles, 3 points are always coplannar. So add the diagonal.
It’s a shame you can’t share the model because it sounds like you are doing something very tedious and troublesome and someone may give you a simple solution.
Curviloft, like many other extensions isn’t hosted in the E Warehouse.
You will find it at Sketchucation.