Arc between two angled surfaces (for 3D print)


Hi folks,

First and foremost - I’m an experienced noob. Slightly experienced, very noob.

My problem is that I have two surfaces which are at 90 degrees to each other but angled in the other plane. Sorry, not sure how else to explain it. See pics below.

I want to create an arc between them for strength but I cannot get it working.

Normally, I would create an arc and push/pull to fill the area. This goes off at an angle and I can’t get it to fill nicely. Any help or pointers much appreciated.

I can do it as a normal gusset but that looks ugly. Want something a bit more fluid.



Here are a couple ways with very basic stitching.



Another way:



If you like plugins, Upright Extruder will do this one.


Another way:


Wow, thanks all. Much appreciated.

I ended up using the upright extruder as that is the quickest for me but will create a dummy sketch to try and master the others.

Happy camper: