How to combine several arced surfaces together

Dear SketchUp pros!

I am trying to create a part for my car in SketchUp, but I can’t find a way to combine several arced surfaces together. Please see the attached .skp file, It is easier to understand what I try to accomplish, by looking at my model. Do some of you know how the surfaces can be “glued” together smoothly?

Thank you for all help you can provide!

Car part.skp (202.0 KB)

Hi @mariur89 ariur89,

See the sequence of operations in this model:
Car_Part_Marius.skp (86.3 KB)

Key to this method is using the Intersect command to cut one form with another.


Thank you so much, Geo! This was exactly what I needed! You just made my day a lot better! Thank you again!