Arc-shaped cross section

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If you share the skp file, you can get better help.

My approach would be to draw the arc positioned a bit out in front (along the red axis here), and make it the full width of the widest part of the overall shape. Connect the two end-points of the arc to form a face that is shaped like a portion of a circle. Then use push-pull to extrude that face the complete length of the overall shape (going a bit past the end would be OK). Delete the top flat face of the extrusion, leaving only the lower curved surface. Now intersect that surface with the model (using the Intersect With… function). Finally, manually clean up the unwanted bits and pieces by deleting them.

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Winstead shaper CONTRA3 with arc.skp (1.4 MB)

Thank you - this worked like a charm.
I’ve been struggling with this for months on and off. This was the trick.

Make the object group

Extend the arc to be larger than the object.

Create a surface by combining the two ends of the arc

Create objects in red and blue axes with push / pull.


Use Solid Tools after selecting two objects.

I think it was the work you wanted.

Winstead shaper CONTRA3 with arc_ecati.skp (1.3 MB)

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