Making a face between 2 arcs

OK, I have have two arc’s side by side as per here and have been trying without success to make a face of the curved edged surface between the two. I cannot seem to find the answer on the internet (or I am asking the wrong question??) and trial and error is getting me nowhere - any ideas please?



What exactly does that mean? We need more info. Can you supply a screenshot showing the relationship of the arcs - or can you upload the model?

If the arcs are equal, draw a chord, endpoint to endpoint on one arc, creating a face. Then push-pull this face towards the other arc to create (by extrusion) the curved surface between the two arcs.

In the end delete the two chords of both arcs (the one you drew and the one by extrusion).

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Yes, tried to send a screenshot but didn’t work for some reason - no worries, I got the answer from Wo3Dan, see below…

Many thanks though for taking the trouble to reply

Regards Richard

Many thanks Wo3Dan, it is obvious when you know the answer isn’t it, but it never crossed my mind to use the push/pull! Doh!

Regards Richard

The push, pull method doesn’t seem to work for me in my case. Can someone help me out?

No, Push/Pull wouldn’t work in this case. Instead, Push/Pull vertically and then move the top edge with the Move tool, thusly:

Thank you! You’re awesome!