How to create a suitable surface for the curve edge

For shape like small top and big bottom cylinder, or a create a face between two curve line

does it have to be done by draw line with hand ? is there any way to simplify it, more evenly?

Making the truncated cone is simple.
Draw the two circles with a common center, on top of each other.
Select the smaller circle and use the Move tool to pull it upwards.
You with probably need to press the Alt key to force ‘autofold’.
The circular face with then automatically get split so it can for the out the curface.
If you want the cone to have a bottom face draw over one of its lower edge segments and the larger circle will reform.

the Other shape is less simple - unless you use an Extension.
I suggest Fredo6’s CurviLoft available from:
or the ExtensionWarehouse
Remember that this toolset also needs his LibFredo - available from those sites too…

Here’s a possible way without extensions using Follow Me…
(If you did want the surface to be curved)

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But only if both curves are equal though

Another option using Follow Me along a path for another idea…
(sorry I had to do it quick to upload)

curve cut2

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Thanks!, this plugin is perfectly fit what i need
Appreciate your help!

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