Is it possible to convert a image to a texture?

Just wondering whether it is possible for an image to be converted to a texture after it has been imported into a Skechup model.

We have just started using Enscape to render out our Skechup models and have found that it prefers images to be applied to surfaces as textures rather than images. We have started to do this with new models but have a lot of old models that we would like to render which contain images instead of textures.

Other than moving the images forward slightly so that aren’t directly on the surfaces of the model I was wondering whether there is a quicker and easier way to convert the image to a texture so that Enscape will recognise them and allow them to appear in the render.

Any help or ideas will be very much appreciated.

Yes. If you’ve imported the image as an image, right click on it and choose Explode. It will beome a texture applied to a rectangular face.

It’s possible depending on how you’ve set it up that you’ll have Z-fighting between two coincident faces so you may need to apply the new texture to the face behind the image instead of leaving the newly created face.