Is 128gb RAM for PC useful for Sketchup (and Enscape)?

I’m running SU 2022 on my PC with 64gb of memory while running Enscape for rendering and I’m constantly seeing 70% or more total memory usage. Is anyone out there running SU with more than 64gb of RAM and finding any benefits?

You are far more likely to have run out of video memory in enscape before you eat through all of that ram - unless you have like 2 tabs open in chrome :sweat_smile:

SU proper seems to behave pretty well with memory but the moment I run renders it really appears Enscape is eating hordes of memory, thought in Task Manager it’s not separated out so you only see SU instances.

And agreed, Chrome wants all the memory.

When you open Enscape, I think the geometry gets converted to something else Enscape uses, so your model exists in memory twice. Once for SketchUp and Once for Enscape - That’s why you see the big bump up.

128GB is total overkill, I’d imagine your model would become unworkable long before you came even close to creating the geometry to fill that. If you aren’t filling the memory you have now, then there is no benefit to having more.