Enscape - Proxy Assets vs. Enscape Custom Assets (Which are better?)

I like creating/using Enscape Custom Assets in the library so that I get a nice visible placeholder.

Does anyone know if there is a limit (or difference) in how Enscape handles (in render mode) very high poly objects (500k+ polys) from their Custom Asset Library any differently than their regular proxy (bounding box) method?

I’m guessing that the limitation on what Enscape can handle is mostly based on your machine, and a hard limit definitey appears to be memory.

Enscape uses your graphic card’s memory not your system mem, as such it’s the GC that’ll be your limiting factor. I’ve runout of the 8gb on my RTX2070 on more than one occasion

@PaulRussam I don’t know much about how Enscape actually works, however when my model loads into the Enscape render engine, I notice my system RAM being chewed up, not my GPU. I had 32gb in my system RAM and my machine always crashed when I ran a big render. Then I moved to 64gb and it never crashed. I’m running a RTX 3090 and it barely gets touched by comparison in system resources.

This is an indication that an integrated video GPU that shares system memory is in use.

If you also have an integrated Intel video, you should set Win10 for both SketchUp and Enscape to use the “High Performance” Nvidia GPU. Explanation here in this old thread (but navigate to the paths for your current Sketchup version and Enscape as appropriate) …

SketchUp defaulting to my Intel Graphics card instead of my AMD card - #3 by DanRathbun

@DanRathbun I went through your settings, but where should I be looking when I load a large model to render for the difference? I still see little to no activity on my RTX 3090 with 24gb of RAM.

To verify that SketchUp is using your Nvidia GPU, within SketchUp go to …
Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Graphics Card Details

You should see something like …


Your vendor should be “NVIDIA Corporation” and not Intel.
The Renderer should indicate your RTX3090 GPU.
The GL driver version may vary from mine (as I don’t update but 4 times a year at most.)

I do not have Enscape and don’t do rendering myself, so you’ll need to contact the Enscape people for troubleshooting tasks regarding it.