[IrisVR: Prospect] transparency of walls

Hi there,

I am using Sketchup to draw (amateuristic) plans of a climbing gym. To get a better insight how my plans would look in reality, I use an HTC Vive combined with IrisVR: Prospect. This works fine. However, some of my walls/faces show some slight transparency. I suspect this is caused by the way I built my model and not by technical issues in Prospect.

Can someone maybe take a look at my model and point out the obvious thing I’m doing wrong here? In this particular file, only the ‘wooden’ walls show some slight tranparency, not the concrete floor.


Thanks in advance.

So I did some further experimenting myself with the following model:


The first two volumes (square box and the triangular volume) appear normal in Prospect. I constructed them using the following method:

  1. drew a figure on the floor

  2. made 3d model using the push/pull tool

The other objects I just drew using the rectangle tool and they appear somehow transparent in Prospect.

Is it wrong to just use the rectangle tool to create my ‘walls’? Using the push/pull tool to create actual wooden panels seems too complicated as this is no detailed plan of construction, rather a thorough sketch which i want to review in VR.

I would guess that you aren’t giving the walls any thickness and this is creating the transparency in the other program.

That indeed seems to be the problem. I tried to give all the existing walls thickness just using the push/pull tool. Unfortunately, this doesnt do the trick. Is there an easy way to give the walls/faces thickness? Or do i need to start from scratch and take a different approach?