iPad version exTEnded toolbar disappeared

Not the exPAnded menus from the ‘…’ button on the main toolbar.

The extended options for each of the tools…

It’s disappeared…

Hi @Lengai, have you tried checking to see whether the toolbar is visible which the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode?

If it’s missing in both orientations, could you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing so that we can help look for clues?

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hi thanks for getting back to me. its not the main tool bar its the extension panel for each of the tools…

my screen no extended menu pops up when selecting the tool …

had this before and seemed the location of the pop out menu had moved to behind and to the left (off screen) i fiddled around swiping aroudn and it came back, seems not to be working htis time…

Thanks for the clarification, and for sharing that screenshot @Lengai.
I’m sure you’ve already looked, but can you please confirm that the “Tool Mode” toolbar is not hiding behind the Materials panel, and that it is also not visible when you have the SketchUp app turned to portrait oritntation?

Mike hi, thanks for getting back to me.

No luck… not behind materials, nor visible in portrait or landscape.

I had this once before and it had separated and slipped behind the main tool box and almost of the screen to the left. I can’t remember how but some series of taps and swipes brought it back…

OK… well… I’ve got a suggestion, but PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

First, check to make sure that any files that are saved locally on your device are backed up. You can either A) Publish them to a project in Connect, or B) Grab them from the SketchUp app folder on your iPad and save them to another folder, or cloud service.

For A, you can tap on the … icon in the bottom right corner of the model details card, and choose the option to Publish to Connect. The steps to repeat that process are hopefully straightforward enough to not need an explanation.
For B, you can open the Files App on your iPad, and then browse to On My iPad > SketchUp. You should see any locally stored files listed there, and be able to select them, and then copy or move them to another folder on your iPad, or to a cloud service like iCloud.

After backing up your files, you could then try to remove and reinstall the app.
Removing the app will delete any/all app data, including preferences (like toolbar locations), but removing the app will also delete any files that are stored in the SketchUp app folder.