Toolbar and materials panel not showing SketchUp Go for iPad

As you can see from the photo the majority of the tools panel and the materials panel are missing. I have deleted the app and restarted but it’s still the same?

Your screenshot appears to show the viewer, not SketchUp Go nor SketchUp for iPad.

This is what I see with SketchUp Go opened in Chrome on my iPad.

And SketchUp for iPad.

You are currently only in the SketchUp viewer mode : you require a functioning subscription to activate the editing functions of SketchUp for i.Pad.

If you have one, make sure you are signed in the trimble ID that has it. You can see this by tapping the home button in the top left, then the profile/avatar icon in the top right

Thank you both for your help I will try what you have suggested

Success, thank you

What exactly did you do to find success? It might help someone else who comes along with the same sort of problem.