Ipad: forums and ruby on sketchup.com - new bug



Not sure where to put it.

I don’t know if it is Apple or a webkit bug.

This morning, I did update a few iPad’s around here with the latest official ( not the beta ) update of iOS (10.4)

We notice that Scroll Area’s in the browser, like the left area ( table with the class e.t.c ) on ruby.sketchup.com and textview’s in the forum which are normally scrollable don’t scroll anymore.

Please, if this is true, please file a bug at Apple or webkit. Because SU for iPad uses webkit also, as i’am told’, this could be influencing for future SU update.

if I am wrong please let me know.


I see the non-scrolling also.


Do you see it in Safari, or Chrome or Firefox ? versions ?

Can you find other websites where scrollable elements are not working ?


iPad iOS browsers Safari, FireFox and Chroom I can’t scroll


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