Issue with Forum on my iPad

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue with the Forum. The top half of the screen is blanked out. It doesn’t occur with any other web pages nor with the Forum on my PC. I’ve rebooted the iPad but still the same issue.

I use mine almost exclusively on iPad and haven’t had any issues. :woman_shrugging:

I went to the Discourse forum and found the exact same issue when using my iPad. Even more strange, if you noticed on my screenshot, the Sketchup banner is missing from the top of the page. If I scroll up from the bottom of the page so the topics which aren’t blanked out show, the banner uncovers like I was moving a curtain out of the way.

Is it an older iPad?

Yes it is. Running iOS 12.5.5 but it worked fine until earlier today.

Interestingly enough, the folks at Discourse were able to reproduce the problem on older iOS devices. Since they intend to support Safari on iOS 12.5 thru the end of this year, they will take a look at fixing the issue. When it is fixed, I’ll mark this post as solved.