Forum problem on iPad

Don’t know if any of you view the forum on your iPad but I have been having a problem for a while now. When I try to post(new topic or reply) the box for entering text is now farther down the page. So, if I want to add an attachment or use one of the emojis I have to scroll up and Dow to achieve things.

Another silly thing is that if I try to use the thumbs up emoji it always puts it in the upper left corner of the post regardless of where the cursor is. I have to enter the text for the emoji at the position I want it.

I have been keeping my iPad up to date. Again, just wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem and has a solution or suggestion. I should mention that I am seeing on all of the forums I participate on.

I am running iOS version 16,6,1

You may want to post this to … bug - Discourse Meta

Thanks, will look at it.

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