iOS and Android LightUp Player for SketchUp


Refresh of iOS LightUp Player for SketchUp v5.0 is available from the AppStore. It offers improved performance, use of https:// scheme to download luca files from a website.
Find it here:

Also, Android LightUp Player for SketchUp v5.0 is available from Google Play.
Find it here:

LightUp is an Extension for SketchUp that gives realtime lighting of your model inside SketchUp and the ability to export the model, lighting, section planes and scenes to the LightUp Player.
Find it here:

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This is the second time I have tried your plugin

and the second time it doesn’t work

I have a Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro, Android 4.4

I have been using LU for over 6 years

You have produced a cute little app but how I load my own files into it is completely DEVIOD of instructions

Where do I put my LUCA file…

in Google Drive and share the Link [doesn’t work!]

Send as an email attachment to my Android [doesn’t work]

Create a website, embed the LUCA in the website and the type in the URL of my website LUCA file in your App [you have to be kidding]

Download the file onto my Android and then open it in there [Doesn’t work, only can access your file via a URL]

Bloody Hell, I know a bit about computing but this is the most obtuse way of opening a file I have ever encountered!

And I though I was going to be able to tell my clients the could fly around the projects on the Pads so easily!

At least give us some hints on how to use it !

Thanks for heads up.
It appears the new version of Android has broken some things in the AndroidLightUp Player.

Will push out a fix ASAP.

Please try the new Android release which can load from local files, dropbox, URLs, and gmail attachments.