Application for viewing a read-only .skp file on the iPad

The business I am employed with is looking for an application for the iPad that has the capability to view full 3D sketch up drawings. Do any of you know of any application for the iPad that would be able to view given .skp files. Whether it be released by Google, or a third party viewer app that accepts the 3D file. I thank you all in advance.


SketchUp is now part of Trimble. :wink:
We also have viewers for iPad and Android:

Note: The Trimble SketchUp Viewer only takes files from the 3D warehouse.

This one allows you to link your dropbox files:

LightUp Player for Mac, Windows, and as WebBrowser plugin.
The player is free, but reads luca files.
(You’d need to purchase LightUp and export the models as light up luca files.)
[url]LightUp - Player

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New release of iPad Player from LightUp. Supports realtime shadows, reflections - in fact pretty much everything you can setup in SketchUp - but available on your iPhone and iPad. Android play coming soon.