Invert reverse texture


Sorry to ask the question, in case anyone has already asked. I didn’t find it anywhere.

I received this file and the texture of the model is on the inside, that is, inverted. The outside should be inside the part and is outside.

I already clicked the invert image command, but when that happens, it loses the mapping. I do not know what to do. The original file I know was made in Rhino and the image print shows the model with the correct texture. I am attaching the file D1 Torre.rar.

I thank you in advance if anyone can look and say what is happening, since later I will receive other files and probably should have the same problem.

D1 (6.9 MB)


What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says you are using 2018 Free (Web) which does not exist. Knowing the version you are actually using will help us guide you in the process to fix the textures.

Sorry, when filling out this data, I ended up marking it wrong.

It’s SketchupPro 2018.

I reversed all the faces and this is what I got. Is that what you expected it to look like?

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Unfortunately not.
Because if you look inside the piece, you will see the texture correctly.
It is a blue tone almost green.
Thanks anyway

I see what you are getting at.

What was the source for the model? It’s unfortunately that it is so poorly done.

Here I’ve reversed a few faces manually instead of doing them en masse and then I deleted the unneeded edges between them. I think you could keep going along that way. It may still require a bit of adjustment. Is it possible you can get the author to make it correct instead?

Then you saw that the correct image is inside the object.
I spoke with the author of the project and he sent me a Rhino print with the model and in the program the object appears with the correct texture.

I even asked if there was anything he did to make the texture wrong in Sketchup, he said maybe something in the mtl file. But he claimed that if Rhino is right the logic would be correct in Sketchup.