Invalid file format

Hello, I have a big problem with this model created in 2012. When I try to open It, a popup occurred with the sign ‘Invalid File format’, I don’t know why It appears… any ideas? It’s a really important model for me.

I can link the model If you wanna try to open It:
Thanks in advance!

I will check if more can be rescued, but this files has the components in the model recovered.

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Thank you for your reply! In the file you’ve loaded, I cannot see anything inside once open It.

The components are all in the In Model components collection. You’ll need to pull them out and assemble them.

Oh I understand, but I cannot see the main body, only its details.

As Colin said, he was able to recover the components in the model. He wasn’t able to recover groups or loose geometry.

Ah ok, so there’s no hope I can get the model as It was? May I know what caused this?

I expect Colin retrieved what he could get. As to what caused the problem, it’s probably not possible now.

Dear @colin you confirm that is not possible to recover the body?


The file I uploaded had the components. If the body was a component itself you should see it in the Components panel. The way that I’m able to get anything out of the model never manages to get geometry in the scene itself.