Unexpected file format! Urgent Help!

Hi there. I just had a unexpected file format on a huge amount of work in all copies of my file. I really need some help here to retrieve this files or at least one of them. I’ll let the we transfer link here with the files.


Here are recovered files. In each case the scene is empty, but it looks like the components and materials are recovered.

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Thanks for the quick response. About the files beeing empty… my associate sent me those and I did not know whats was inside. The file size are the same as the ones I just sent you right! Does mean that they were already empty when I sent you? Or the that everything as modeled was gone due to the error?

Thanks once again.

The empty scene is because of the recovery process I do. Look in the Components panel, and see if any of them include big chunks of your scene. Drag those out, to hopefully rebuild the scene.

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Thank you very much Colin! See ya!