I cannot open some of my models

Hello to the community.
I don’t know why, when I try to open some sketchup files, the program says “unexpected file”, but I can see the thumbnail of the model. Why this happens? These models are important to me. There’s a way to open them again?

Thanks for your help,

I also suggest upgrading to SketchUp 2016 or 2017 if your hardware supports it.

I get the error with very version. That models was build with the 2011 version.

That would be SketchUp 8M1 or 8M2.
See the other threads in the search list.

Yes is the 8.0-14346 version. I tried to download that version to see if with that it would be open, but nothing. Can i send the model to someone that can try to open it again?

That would be SketchUp 8M3
That was not the latest version of 8. M5 was.

I kinda remember there was a bug back in those days, (with nil named attribute dictionaries or attributes,) that could corrupt files.

You might post it here if it is small enough.
Or on a file share (Dropbox,One Drive, etc.)

How many files do you need recovered ?

I have to recover 2 corrupted files. Can I send one to you via private message?

I’m sorry I cannot do it. It has to be done by a Trimble team member. They have the tools to do it.

@yogesh Who does this on the team ?

Can I find this tool on the web?

No, it is internal proprietary tools I speak of.

Any news?

Are you a licensed Pro user? If so, perhaps directly contact Support.

No, I don’t. If I’m not a pro user, I cannot get assistance?

Sorry, support costs. (Rhetorical) Why would you think it would be free ?

The Make editions are unsupported.
You should really have read the terms of Service.

http://www.sketchup.com/license/c/sketchup says:

8. Support and Maintenance

Trimble provides the support and maintenance services for SketchUp Pro for an additional fee pursuant to its standard service terms which are available upon request from Trimble or at http://help.sketchup.com/en/policy. Support and maintenance services are not available for SketchUp Make.

(Emphasis by me.)

That said, from time to time they are interested in how model files get corrupted, so that they can fix bugs.

But your models are from version 8, a nearly 5 year old version (v8M3,) that has been unsupported (all editions) for more than 2 years (as of last November 3rd.)