Hello. I am not new to Sketchup, but I am new to the community. I use Sketchup Make (because I don’t like software subscriptions and there is no purchase option for any other version) to do just about everything CAD related. I used to help out with my kids highschool robotics team, but now I just have fun with a 3D printer, CNC Router, CNC mill, CNC Laser, and other machines I have scrounged or built.

Classic license for SU Pro is still available:

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Well, I guess that works. Now if I just weren’t so cheap. Maybe I could sell a kidney or something. Nah, I think I better stick to “Make”, since the only thing I don’t make with Sketchup is money. I can do most of what I want this way, and I have been using it long enough that I can’t remember how to use my usual CAD software. (Auto CAD, Turbo CAD)