Intro to SketchUp seminar success in CT

After having to reschedule my original date because of an emergency, I finally gave my “Intro to SketchUp” seminar yesterday at the Connecticut chapter of the AIA to a full house (20+ attendees). The two hour time slot they gave me was really not enough time to complete my agenda, so live and learn. Boy do I wish I could have had proctors roaming the room like we had at 3D Basecamp!

This is the second time I’ve done one at AIA/CT. I did one about 5 years ago that also filled the house, so it still draws a crowd.

I got a picture as people started to trickle in, but the staff forgot to take a picture of me during the event.

Despite a technical check the day before to make sure all the hardware worked together, the hanging projector refused to work with less than an hour to start. A backup projector was dug out of a closet, and, as a matter of luck, turned out to be a better projector!