I'm Speaking at CACX 2023

This may not be a 3D Basecamp year, but I got another speaking engagement on SketchUp anyway. This time “Leveraging the Power of SketchUp with Plugins and Extensions” at CACX, which is AIA/Connecticut’s annual conference in October. The audience is specifically architects and a few other AEC related professionals, so I’ll be focusing on that. The registration page can be found here. I’m not sure about recording of sessions, but if they do, they have typically charged for access to their recorded sessions in the past.

First sneak peak: here’s an example of a constructability model made with @medeek 's Medeek BIM plugins:

So far I’m also shooting for Dynamic Components, FlexTools, Profile Builder, PlaceMaker, and maybe Podium & V-Ray. I only get an hour time slot.


Impressive! I also really like how you are utilizing the shearwall panels in the design. I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen someone use that feature besides myself.

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Well, yesterday I came and I presented. The previous presentations I’ve done in recent years were rehearsed slideshows, but this is my first real live modeling demonstration. Gave me even more respect for the live stream modeling sessions by SketchUp team players, and I’m glad for the experience.