Intersecting faces with model

I have been trying for 24 hours now to explode a large model, and then intersect the faces “with model” but Sketchup crashes every time I try to intersect the faces. PLEASE HELP

If you can share the skp file we may be able to help. I assume it is too large to upload directly, in which case you need to load it to a file sharing site and provide a link here (make sure the shared file is marked public).!ApwQv5fedPpesXAlQ1sVhl9MILNU?e=BxjBA3

the model is linked

Why do you want to explode it?

Which face(s) do you want to intersect with model? The red coloured one?

There’s a lot in your model that is either on tags turned off, or hidden. And it’s over 15km long in the red direction.

Try cut and paste only the parts you want to intersect with to a new model, locate it at or near the origin, and try again.

No guarantee that will work, but your computer will have a better chance if it doesn’t have so many edges and faces to check. Almost 7.5million edges and over 3.6million faces.

Guaranteed to take a VERY long time to iterate through even most, let alone all, of those faces.

It’s a bit like the story of the Irishman who when asked the way to Ballysloughguttery, replied “If that’s where you want to get to, if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here.”

Simplify first what you are asking SU to do. And ask yourself again “What am I trying to achieve by doing this? What’s the minimum I need to work with?” and see if you can work on just part of the model, or only a part at a time?