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I want to make a hole in an object. I created a cilinder so I can intersect it with my object and it should become a hole but when I select INTERSERC WITH MODEL OR SELECTION I am only left with a shape of the intersection… I want to make this cilinder make a hole in my object.

Check my pieces here -> aaa.skp (182.2 KB)


Explode the cylinder, while its geometry is selected, hit Edit>Cut. Open the other component for editing and hit Edit>Paste in place. Then add the outside surface of the part to the selection set, right click and use Intersect Faces>With Selected. Delete the unneeded geometry and correct the face orientation in the hole.

Due to the small size of the model, use the Dave Method which I described for you earlier.

And if you’re going to keep drawing small objects, you should improve Precision and disable Length Snapping in your template.


I didt exactly what you said and I ended up with this -> bbb.skp (364.6 KB)

When I try to delete the unecessary things I got lots of problems.


Did you use the “Dave Method”?

Your hole cutter’s edges hit the edges of the side of the part in bad spots. You could redraw the part using a higher number of sides for the outer circle or roate the hole cutter a bit so the edges don’t collide.


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