Intersect Faces causes SU 2024 Pro to crash

I’ve tried a number of Plugins / extensions to stretch components such as structural steel lengths or pipes - some work occasionally but are clunky and unreliable.As a last resort, I have created a perpendicular plane to the structural steel and tried intersecting faces so that I can add lengths to each steel section - not an elegant solution. However, whenever I click Intersect Faces, SU2024 crashes. I never had this issue with SU2023. As a result it’s not possible to change the lengths of beams easily - rescaling only works for linear sections.
Any idea what causes this?


Can you let us try your model?

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Is that model in various groups and components?

Does the move tool not work?

Is your forum profile correct? The information may be critical to the possible solution.

Hi - just corrected my profile - see model link in reply to Colin

Hi Colin - here’s the link for the model:

To start with: why are parts of your trailer “in progress” some 300 meters resp. 2000 meters away from the origin.
If they are not needed anymore, delete them. Otherwise move them closer to X,Y,Z =0,0,0.

They are out of the way because I want to keep the original and change the copy and keep it well out of the way whilst I do it - so I need both. What relevance does the distance away from the origin have to the point in question which was: “Why does SU2024 keep crashing when I click “intersect Faces” on the plane which intersects the model at right angles?”

It may or may not have relevance, but things far away from the origin can make Sketchup’s graphics go wonky…

I assume you have tried using tags to control what is visible without moving things around?

I was able to intersect with model…

Is there a reason you are hiding the edges of the beams?
For the steel shapes I’m not sure why you can’t use the move tool to resize? How are you planning to re-size?

Why are the ends of the beams curves? If you explode them and unsoften the long edges you can select and move the sides of the beams.

No, there are no tags in OP’s model.

This is what I get with ‘Intersect Faces’ (basic rectangular face going through your model, all objects visible) with model:

Can you give exact steps to follow, that we should do with your model? If I make a plane and intersect that with model, it appears to work the same in 2023 and 2024.