Passing 3dhubs manufacturability test with a Sketchup model

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This post is somewhat related to this one though this couldn’t get me to solve my problem.
If find myself in the same situation, where I have a model that, once exported as .stl and sent to 3dhubs, fails the manufacturing checks. I get over 200 intersecting faces!
My .skp model is all “shiny” according to Solid Inspector², it is indeed a valid solid, and well in my opinion it looks ok :stuck_out_tongue:
I tried without all the holes and while it lowers the amount of failures, many are still present, so the problem isn’t limited to them (though they might have too many edges considering the size).
I tried looking at the .stl in sketchup, it doesn’t look that great but I feel like editing an .stl file in sketchup and then exporting it once again isn’t the right way.
As anyone experience with this particular 3d printing service and how to get to pass their manufacturability test?

For reference, here is my current file

Thank you

Your model is Clipping, this is because you have a tiny model about 400m from the world origin.
Right click on one of the Axis lines and select reset, then move the component to [0,0,0] and try again.

As Box says. It’s long distance from the origin is a problem. After correcting that i.materialise, at least likes it.

Note that moving the axes does not change the location of the model origin.

Thanks for your replies, I didn’t know that long distances from the origin could cause problems. I did reset the position of the piece and indeed it lowered the number of failures to about 50.
A good improvement but still a bit to do, I’ll try other things see if I can a full mark.

I wonder what those “failures” are. I didn’t find any problems after moving it to the origin.

Once I move the origin I get 53 intersecting faces. Note that however these errors only show up in 3dhubs, it’s fine in i.materialise as you mentioned.

So that begs the question what’s the problem with 3dhub? SketchUp identifies it as solid, Solid Inspector doesn’t indicate and problems and i.materialise is happy with it. Why isn’t 3dhub?

Did you fix them?

Maybe I can just ignore the warnings but I would like to avoid needlessly getting a misshapen piece.
I re-exported as stl and this time I got 47 intersecting faces… I really don’t get how this works :confused:

@Box: I don’t know how to fix a stl in sketchup. It would mean working with a .skp again no?

I wonder if you have over-detailed the rounded corners?

The tiny segments round the corner arcs are less than 0.2mm, and I wonder if rounding errors are causing 3Dhub to think faces are intersecting when they aren’t in SU?

My slicing software says that the model is unrealistically small. The edges are an overkill in my opinion.

Like how small?

Just as a heads up, I went ahead and ordered the printed part.
It turned out as expected, even for another part that had literally hundreds of warnings.
I think 3dhubs test is just being overly annoying. If the model is truly a solid then it’s fine.

Thanks everyone for your input on this matter.