International Code Council compliance

Has somebody been working on something like this?

(I’m unsure which category this topic sure go under.)

I first understood “code” and “review” as something related to programming code, but this is about “building code” (== “building regulations”, thanks, Wikipedia).
So probably Corner Bar… …as in “looking beyond the edge of the SketchUp plate”.

Programming code reviews are indeed very important and can be automated to some degree (style checking, best practice rule checking, static analysis). Such rule-enforcment helps writing maintainable code and avoiding common bugs. But for reviewing correctness and more complex bugs, an understanding of the meaning is needed. Startups promise they can do this with artificial intelligence, but I think for this to work well, current programming languages are too low-level (too far from “meaning”).

I know rule systems exist also for engineering and building, so it does not surprise me this is coming to building code reviews as well. And maybe “AI” (or without the nimbus if the hype, “machine learning”) might work out more helpful, if building parts are properly annotated with meanings.

But machine learning is today far from being fully understood or allowing to give quality guarantees. It’s like “I have some data, but no clue”. The machines are not intelligent, and conclusions/predictions can mostly be drawn from what the system has seen before, or what it can generalize. Still, odd edge cases and unexpected behaviors are discovered regularly. There need to be better analysis/audit tools and certifications before customers can judge the limits and quality/safety guarantees of AI-based software products.

This may be an addition, but not a replacement for human reviews.

Mostly, I am thinking in terms of 1- to 2-family dwellings. Depending on the municipality, a residential builder can design and construct up to a duplex or quadriplex without a licensed professional.

How much computer programming would it take to create an extension (ruby script) version of Code Check?