Structural Analysis Software

Came across this interesting structural design software (online) that has a range of pricing options and free online tools… lovely interface and covers all the main intentional design regulations and structural properties rules… ( though I can’t understand why we don’t have one world wide standard, surely a beam is a beam anywhere in the world

The interface is very accessible and descriptive… well at least this old codger was able to stumble around in it…

Obviously you still need a qualified engineer to certify any design this will give you some user friendly insights…

PS… I stumble across these things as I am interested in how valuable a digital version of a reference book I have used for years " The Architects Studio Companion" would be is either llve or dynamic components (if they were not so flaky)… maybe a ruby extension would be the answer…?

For example … here is a snapshot of one of the design graphs on sizing a Glue Laminated Wood Beam and concept design stage [again of course validated by structural engineer in later documentation phases)

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A beam is a beam anywhere, but there are different factors to design a beam, imagine two twin buildings, the same design, but in different locations, one is built on a seismic zone and the other one isn’t, even though their similar, the forces they’re going to support are completely different, that’s why there are different regulations, there are more factors to design a simple beam besides seismic charges.

but an earthquake is an earthquake where ever it occurs in the world, but the codes in different countries will not be the same for handling an earthquake… or typhoon… or any other physical factor… aren’t the laws of physics universal?

A practical example… Australian codes require movement joints in tiled floors every ~10 metres (to avoid tile cracking). Here in Vietnam… I can walk the entire length of the Saigon International Airport terminal building and see them only every 60m … there are no cracks in that tiling… why? physics is the same!
vested interests in Australian codes?

Highrise balcony handrail heights in Vietnam are 1400mm, in Australia they are 1000mm. Average Height of an Australian male 1756mm, Vietnam 1648mm