Structural engineering similar to STAAD Pro V8i BUT

Structural engineering software using Bentley STAAD Pro V8i is a bit too advance. I could learn how to use it but I’m interested in something easy and less complex.

I’m sure there are some engineers in these forums so, ADVICE.
is there a software that I should learn for small projects such as that only targets three levels of House and not buildings.

Just why? Well, I’m not an engineer and I don’t know much about Columns and Beam (Structure).
I might get involved in future but for now, I just want to learn how to draw a floor plans but

Problem is: I don’t know what size room is too large and where a Column/Pillar or Beam is placed and details of that sort. So, what should I do about it?
Is there any courses online??? How to to build a floor plan that can be built for real and not just in sketchup world.


You’re putting the cart before the horse. Unless you take the time to learn the engineering side of it, there’s little point trying to draw up structurally sound buildings. There are references that will give you dimensions for columns and beams but you need to educate yourself.

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I searched for “Residential Room Sizes” and found a few dozen pages explaining the common and popular room sizes. I’ll simply stick to those sizes. I needed to know what room sizes are best and what is the wrong dimensions. Right now I’m not sure what area suites me. I’m exploring all options. I’m not going deep on any topic. I have downloaded course for a nearly all popular software used in Civil Designing and interior designing. I have very good memory, I learn fast. I am also in I.T Programming LOL

Download a copy of Forte and learn how to use that , its simple, free and will take care of most residential structural engineering, at least the vertical analysis. You may need some calcs for footings, but that is easy enough to do by hand.

In Australia the equivalent free timber software would be designIt and smartframe

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