Proposal, to implement in sketch-up, calculation of the load of structures

Proposal, to implement in sketch-up, calculation of the load of structures. Existing structural analysis programs are very difficult to use, while an easy preliminary calculation of structures, timber beams, iron structures, reinforced concrete floors is required. The principle of the sketch-up team is to simplify everything, make it a miracle, please, you are the best.

You probably cannot expect Sketchup to implement something as specialized and complex as this. But it is possible that a third party developer might.

Surely there would be liability issues…?

We usually leave the structural design tools to our friends at Tekla in Finland. They develop a structural design tool you might like called Tekla Structural Designer. There is a free trial available, too.


Is this something that you have familiarity with? If so you may be able to find a developer in the Collaboration section of the forum to develop an extension for this!

no, not familiar

As I recall, @medeek Was thinking about a mechanical engineering extension of some kind - is that correct, Nathaniel? Ahh, here is the topic I was remembering:

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Yes, I am still working on the Medeek Engineering extension, though other more pressing matters with the other plugins have recently gotten in the way.

The first module of this new extension will be the Engineer Beam module (prismatic and level beams only). The user will be able to enter in multiple bearing locations as well as point and distributed loads. I have the overall system put together, I am now focusing on the Matrix Analysis (FEA) part of the algorithm, this is the really complex stuff.

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