Future of Construction Software

As someone with almost no knowledge of construction software, I have a question for y’all. Do y’all think that in the future, construction software will be used to completely optimize the construction process? What I mean is, first an architect would design a building using only construction software. Then a program would, based on the design, 1) generate a list of materials needed for construction and 2) generate a complete set of instructions for how to build the building.

Yes, but you are missing a few steps. Design, Engineer, Estimate, Build, Maintain.


… Modify, Demolish.

Tools that call themselves “Building Information Modelling” have been in professional use for years. The building is modelled in 3D and the needed construction documents and bills of materials are generated from the model. A competent contractor will be able to build the building from the generated documents, but generally they are augmented by other material like written specifications.

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…,Maintain, Demolish.
And start over again.

If you wanna know where it’s heading, check out where they built a lot.
In this video of B1M, it shows that China has built a digital twin of a whole city.

Rendered with Unreal Engine, my guess is that construction industry software soon is controlled by Epic Games.

The digital twin is now one way, but could be both in the (not so near) future

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Give it a few more years and SketchUp will corner the BIM (residential market).

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Is that in reference to your suite of extensions? I believe SketchUp is keeping to a broad base approach rather than specific. Their fear, I understand is losing the creativity, flexibility and simplicity of its software. Architectural freedom over engineering discipline.
However the segregation between the web version and desktop in that extensions can not be used on line defeats this concept of a broad base where individual needs can be met with a add-on. So I think that there needs to be some of bridge between the two for such a BIM revolution.

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I’m not just talking about my extensions I am talking about the revolution that has been ignited by people like myself and others, like John Brock and PlusSpec.

We have shown that SketchUp coupled with some well crafted extensions has the same capabilities as any other major software in the architectural arena. The one specific area that SketchUp dominates all others though is its superior and intuitive 3D drawing environment. This is the primary reason that it will eventually dominate in my opinion.

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I don’t put a lot of stock in the web based version. You are correct, without extensions it is a dead end.

I’ve always argued that they should take the energy being spent on the web based version and apply it to Layout. I still stand by that argument even though the web based version is vastly improved in many regards.