Interior Design Input for Model Request

Hi there. My name is Robin and I am currently in the process of building the house I am modeling. I pretty much jumped in head-first and with a lot of help from the Forum was able to create a relatively decent first model. However, not being in the industry I don’t know what’s currently “in vogue.” There are some things I am going to go back and tweak, like trying out different countertop / cabinet options and flooring in different rooms. However, I think I did some things wrong when I initially created my model, such as not subdividing my floors so I can change individual room floors. As it stands if I change the living room floors the bedrooms change as well. So hoping I can figure out how to correct the problem. Also, I now greatly appreciate the reason components were created and I did not create my cabinets as a component and now it is really difficult to change out cabinet styles. Anyway that said I would appreciate some tips on making this house something we’ll want to live in for 20+ years. Thanks for looking.


And a few more of the kitchen area:

Kitchen 2Kitchen 1



Hi Robin. You go girl!!!
IMO, this is an excellent first attempt at modeling.

You can modify your model in a straightforward manner with a bit of thoughtful care.

Go back and select your base cabinets and wall cabinets individually and save as components. Temporarily hide everything except the floor. It sounds as though you have grouped the floor, so explode that and re-save the individual room floors as separate components. (I find the easiest way to do this is to save the entire floor as a component, then copy and paste in place. I’d do that for each room and then save as a unique component for each floor. Then you can edit each room floor component to the appropriate shape and delete the elements that are no longer applicable to the specific room plan.
FYI - you may find it convenient to do this work in a new model and when you have completed the edit, to then copy and paste in place back to the original model.)

Un-hide everything and now you should be able to open the individual components for the remainder of the necessary editing.

As for the cabinet components, it is a very simple process to substitute one component for another. In fact there is an extension that handles the process quickly, but I don’t use it and cannot remember the name at the moment. If and when I can locate the info, I will amend this post to include the name and the appropriate url, or perhaps another Forum member can provide the info.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

You may be thinking of the Eneroth Component Replaces (not free - $ - but there is a 30 day free trial period).

It’s downloadable from the Extension Warehouse.

It’s main advantage as I see it over the built in Replace Selected in the Component Browser is that it will replace components anywhere in the model, not just in the current context.

Thank you @jvleearchitects. You’ve given me a plateful of things to work on! And thank you for the specific “how-to’s.”

Too bad I can’t post it for people to do a walk through. I also wanted input on how to make it work as a home. i.e., how to kit-out the laundry room area or make the bathrooms look cool. You know, like they do on HGTV. :wink: LOL. I’m an artist by trade, but interiors aren’t really my forte’.

As always, thanks @john_mcclenahan no idea how to install or use one so I’m sure I’m making things harder for myself than it has to be. But I’m learning. :smile: