Interesting problem with components

I made a component 1/4" flat washer, I named it 0.25 flat washer (M), the (M) tells me I’m using meters but calling them inches. This is my components > Hardware folder:
And this is the SketchUp Components alphabetic listing:

I’ve tried restarting SketchUp, restarting the computer but that component is still missing from Sketchup. It’s really no big deal but it is strange.

Can you share that component’s .skp file?

Is it possible it’s just farther down the list. I see the order is a little different between your two screenshots.

It’s not on the list.
0.25 flat washer (M).skp (30.5 KB)

Interesting. It shows up in the components list as WW Meters.

This is after I dumped your component into my Bolts Nuts and Washers collection and then added it into the model.

I would explode it,create a new component and replace the one in your collection with it. Do you really want it to be a giant washer?
Screenshot - 10_6_2023 , 10_52_00 AM

Another thing: open the .skp file directly and look at Model Info.
Screenshot - 10_6_2023 , 11_07_55 AM

You could just open the .skp file from your collection and edit the Name in Model Info.

Yes it showed up as WW Meters but there is no WW Meters in the …Hardware folder. My default template is “WW Meters”.

As previously mentioned I work in meters but use inches, solves a lot of problems with radius too small errors. Scale the model down by 0.0254 when complete.

Apparently your process of saving the washer to your Hardware collection used the template name.

How do you save components to your local collections?

That appears to be the case, even though the name I gave it is in the folder.

Normally I produce the component in a New file then save it to the proper Components folder.

Try dragging the component thumbnail from In Model to the Collection in the Components panel.

Thanks Dave will give that a try, learn something new everyday.

The thumbnail will not drag. I selected the washer from the In Model component, opened the …Hardware components, the thumbnail is still there but I could not drag it anywhere. I right clicked it in the In Model components then selected save as and put it into the …Hardware folder. It shows up in Windows and in a new instance of SketchUp.

Did you open the secondary pane in the Components panel so you could drag from the In Model components to the Hardware collection?
I made your washer red so it would easily be seen in the collection I added it to.

Thanks again, you’d think after 9 years of using SketchUp I’d know more about it, I never used the thumbnail view in components.

What were you really using? Did you have the components shown in List view?

When you click on a component in List View it shows up in a “thumbnail” at the top of the component tray.

Yes. That’s not the thumbnail to drag, though.