Intel 620 graphic card


i have asus notebook with intel i5 and Intel UHD Graphics 620. Is it possible to run sketchup make 2016 with this graphic card or totally not? it runs but when i open before done job. it closes it.

You might check to see that the graphics drivers are up to date. If you still have problems, you can go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and disabled Use Hardware Acceleration. That will put the rendering duties on the CPU instead of GPU.

if i choose template, then sketchup will close so i cant choose winodw preferences opengl.

Did you try updating the graphics drivers?

You are referring to SketchUp 2016, right?

graphic driver is latest what asus is giving for ux391u. i try to run sketchup 2016. i have tryd 2019 also but still same error.

Go to the Intel site directly and check to see if they have a newer driver. Keep in mind that your graphics adapter is not a very high performing one and is not recommended.

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the installer and select Run as administrator?

I just run because i own admin rights in my pc.

even macbook air 2016 grapics run fine with sketchup and now never and better hardware does not do. maybe it is in windows problem not harware.

That’s not the same as using Run as administrator from the right click menu. Try that.

Windows 10 has become notorious for sneakily loading “updated” drivers from Microsoft that are actually defective for OpenGL. It is usually best to go directly to the Intel site and get their latest driver for your card. You may have to repeat this periodically when Windows again updates.

On the whole, Apple is more careful with their graphics drivers because they are the sole source for them. SketchUp may run slowly on a weak Mac, but won’t usually crash due to graphics issues.