Integrating drone video with SketchUp scene animation


We have recently added a phantom 3 drone to our firm and are trying to use it with our sketchup video animation to create a seamless blend between the existing real world environment and what we have designed. Is there an extension that can take the flight log information and create scenes from that information? or do we have to manually create scenes with the flight log data?


Pls provide a link to the API (or an example log,) for this “flight log data.”

unfortunately the file type is not supported for uploading, but i have provided a link.

You can always just wrap it in a zip file archive.

@cbitting, unfortunately, that .DAT file is in some kind of binary format. Likely proprietary to whatever company made your drone.

Without some link to a API and a programming library, there’d be no way to read it.

Either you’ll need to find some utility to export the data into some standard text format (CSV, etc.) or give us more information, such as the company and drone model number.

the drone is a DJI phantom 3 Advanced

As I had feared. This forum post in their forum says it all:

[iOS] Access to flight data, .dat files
Author: lindsay.mohr 2015-12-7 10:18

Having trouble detemining if this is provided via the SDK.
To clarify, I’d like to get flight telemetry, after the flight, to plot a map path.
Any informaiton would be very appreciated.


DJI SDK Support

Hi, the .dat file is for the internal use, not for the public use.

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2015-12-15 17:11

It appears you chose the wrong manufacturer and product if you expected open data. (And this is your data!)

Product page:

For the record. The SDKs by DJI are for C/C++ programming: