Integrating drone mission (not flight log) with SketchUp animation?

I am aware of the discussion here where the question is asked about integrating (likely proprietary) drone flight log data. I am curious about integrating non-proprietary, pre-planned mission data before it turns into flight log data. Hope that justifies its own thread :slight_smile:

I am building the path using Litchi’s Mission Hub. The interface looks like this:

The exported CSV is zipped and attached. (1.3 KB), or you can just go directly to my Litchi mission here:

The parts you can’t see in the csv that are probably important:

  • The Phantom 4 I am flying has a 95° FOV camera.
  • Mission speed is set to 8.1mph
  • As far as I can tell, Phantom 4 / Litchi software does linear interpolation on factors that change (lat/long, heading, gimbal pitch, etc.), even if the waypoint is set to POI or Interpolate.

And finally, attached is a geo-located SketchUp model with both a Litchi mission screenshot and my building overlaid on the imported aerial imagery. October7_3site.skp (2.6 MB)

Thoughts anyone?

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