SynthEyes and Sketchup scenes (superimpose building into drone footage)

Hello to the community, is there a method of using SynthEyes with Sketchup scenes? Like export the tracking points from SynthEyes and using it as a base for the scenes in Sketchup, maybe someone has tried this before.

I’m looking into using existing drone footage to superimpose the building into the location.

Any tips or workarounds?

I made something simular in Animation based on drone flight path - #25 by kengey

Do you have a sample export file?

Hi @kengey thank you for the response.

No, not yet, it will be delivered later; I’m looking for options.

Your try out with the animation based on drone flight looks promising; this type of technology with the reality capture workflow, using drones, etc. it’s amazing, but I think for the moment, this is the first someone asked me for this kind of work, maybe it will be adopted more and more in the future?