Install version 2020 of SketchUp Pro OSX non-admins

All of our users are on Macs running Operating System 10.14 or 10.15.
They requested i get them the newer 2020 version of SketchUp Pro (about 25 users)
I got the new installer, but it requires to be installed from the Local Admin side? (not possible as they are all Active Directory user-accounts), none are local admins.

Also, we have a Proxy internally is there any IP that needs to be whitelisted? (No domains, only IP addresses)

Is there a MSI-type installer for the Mac’s I can push out with our MDM Solution? (JAMF)
Terminal commands are fine, I can do those as root or su…


I’ve had to solve this a couple of times, one was where even the admin user couldn’t get the installer to work. Two easy solutions are to sign in as admin and install SketchUp, but don’t run it. Have the user sign in and open SketchUp.

The other is to install SketchUp onto your machine, don’t run it, distribute a zip file of the SketchUp 2020 folder inside Applications, so that it expands into the user’s Mac Applications folder. Have the user open SketchUp.

ok, I’ll get it installed on mine and create a new installer…


That should work, so long as all your installer does is to unpack the SketchUp 2020 folder into Applications. A lot of support files are generated if they are missing at the time SketchUp is first launched.