Insert/import an excel macro document isn't working

I can’t insert an Excel document when it got macro’s inside the workbook.

I have a sheet that dynamically update some field in the block that I embed in several LO page. Then I want to refresh the reference.
But I can’t, LO doen’t accept an Excel sheet saved as xlsm.

I think this has been reported before. Try renaming the file extension to .xls or save the file as .xlsx.

Then maybe better, for now, to create a macro that will create separate sheets copies with only the data and then create reference to them in LO.

@Trimble!!! “For the time being, Please fix this”.

Why isn’t LO accepting Excel’s Formatting?

It’s not broken. They never said LO supported .xlsm so it’s not an current feature of the LO feature set.

(I’ve moved this topic to the LO Feature Requests subcategory.)

Sorry to say, we call this in dutch “Halfbakken werk”.
What did they think, nobody is using macro’s?

The same with import Excel formatting, only the format is taken.
No cell sizes, cell borders, hidden grid stil visible.

For the Excel static sheets I use a Excel print to PDF what I import to keep the format.

Also known as ‘voor een dubbeltje op de eerste rij’ :slight_smile:
Not everyone uses ME, if you want software for your specific workflow, you can develop yourself or hire someone.
While it might be a good FR, I doubt it will be implemented soon, for there is a shift in the way Trimble thinks how data is exchanged and it has it’s focus on Trimble Connect.
Als je me een pm (klik op mijn avatar) stuurt met je Trimble ID, kan ik je uitnodigen voor een project, ik ben ook wel benieuwd of die het wel ondersteund…

Hey I don’t even use MS Office anymore. I switched to OpenOffice and later LibreOffice.
I asked for Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods) support but they implemented .csv and .xls/.xlsx instead.

I also recently had a similar problem

A common workaround for this kind of thing is to export from Excel (or Word or whatever) to a PDF file and then upload that to LO. If you update the original file, export a new PDF with the same name. Then you can update in LO. Clunky for sure, but it works.

That is the technique I use. I keep my tabular documents in open Excel, and text documents open in Word or Pages (Mac Pages allows me to format a document in 24 x 36, Word does not). Then with each revision, I save and export to the same PDF name that has been inserted in LO, and update. It works essentially the same as updating your SU model, with one additional quick step. I find this much simpler that trying to insert live documents into LO. Works for me.

Maybe, is this what you want tell me. Before, depending of the type of Pages or project I use that to ( like I wrote before for about static Excel doc’s )

Right now I am experimenting with an Excel sheet with all the fun ( Border with sections, Block Title’s, e.t.c. ), printing that as the same size as the LO page size, and put it at the very background ( with a reference to that PDF).
Started writing an excel macro that do that, printing as PDF, for me in different’s PDF’s every time I save the Excel Workbook.
So I have hidden Sheet clones with the right layout and ( LO-paper ) size and those will get printed.
Silly that we have to do all those mentioned workarounds.
And of course this way will works better ( line quality ) only when the resolution in LO is set to >96dpi.

Not yet tried anything with transparency when I need some thing on top of the drawing.

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