Inglenook with Beehive canopy

Hi, I’ve posted on this before and had a great response from DaveR - thanks for that. I am still having problems in creating the texture on the domed surface of the beehive with Thrupaint which wants to display the texture on an angle and not on the axis, as with a projected texture or non-projected texture on a flat surface. What am I doing wrong? I would also like to remake the behive itself with better geometry but am having difficulty in replicating the original appearance. Any advice gratefully received!
Beehive2.skp (1.4 MB)



Looks amazing but can you tell me which plugins are being used? I only have SU 2017 free

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You could just use Follow me. You can scale the curve or the shape if you want it flat or distended.


Great help and I’ve managed to create a new version of the beehive with cleaner geometry this time! Thanks to all for the suggestions and help.
Inglenook+beehive.skp (4.2 MB)